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Yum by SaveKenny Yum :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 2 0 Seblaine by SaveKenny Seblaine :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 0 FaCE by SaveKenny FaCE :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 0 0 Kurtofsky Wordy Art by SaveKenny Kurtofsky Wordy Art :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 10 11
Ramona and Finn kiss and fall in love
Once upon a time there was a girl named Ramona and she was in luuuuuuuuurve. She was in lurve with a boy named Finn. Finn rescused princesses and she was a princess so she needed to be rescued. SO she went to the Ice King and said "kidnapp me naaoooo!!"
and the Ice King was like "kay"
SO she wuz kidnaped and the finn came to the rescuue. and ramona thougt "omg hez so kawii"
and Finn beat up teh Ice King and the ice king died and he saveed Ramona "are you ok?" he said
I am now" she smiled
and he siad "wow! your really pretty,"
and ramona blushed "wow thanks"
and then finn kissed her. and it was magical and rainbows appeared. and then they got married and lived after.
oh yeah and jake died cuz I FREAKING HATE JAKE.
teh end!
:iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 0 1 by SaveKenny :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 7
Mature content
Dear Jackass - Prelude :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 3 1
HAPINESS RAINBOWS by SaveKenny HAPINESS RAINBOWS :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 3
Being the only sober one at a party was never fun. Being the only sober one and ALSO being the only single one was even worse.
In celebration of their recent victory at Nationals, Rachel insisted on hosting another 'famous' party at her house. Her dads were as always absent and the liquor cabinet fully stocked. Or at least it was.
Empty bear cans and bottles of vodka littered the floor. There were a couple bottles of wine strewn through out the room and Puck held onto the bottle of Jack. Hormones were running rampant through out the entire room. More prominent in some than in others.
There were definitely some who were a lot more into it. But the only couple that stood out to Finn was them.
His hands, his grimy dirty hands, were all over her. He disgusting lips were caressing hers. It made him sick to his stomach. Who does he think he his doing that? Oh right, he was her boyfriend.
Finn knew better though. Oh yes he knew Jesse St. James wasn't who he appeared to be. After that little s
:iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 4
Pirates - Raven and Me by SaveKenny Pirates - Raven and Me :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 0 2
El Coyote Backstory
Many years ago, a young boy and his gambling addicted mother traveled afar to an Indian casino. The boy didn't have many things in life, as much of the money his mom earned went straight back into the casino, but he did love traveling with his mom, from casino to casino. The one other thing he had to keep him company was a tattered old stuffed coyote doll that his mother had given him when he was born.
"Now boy," the mother said rather uncaringly "You want to eat tonight right?"
"Of course mother," the young boy nodded, clutching on to his doll tightly.
"Then mommy needs you to use your freak abilities to help mommy win some money," the mother said forcing a smile and pulling out a cigarette. "Now come on. Momma needs herself some smoke money,"
The young boy eagerly followed in. "My mother must love me if she needs me," he thought, smiling to himself.
So the two went in with each other, the mother making up some lame excuse to security that the boy had to be with her at all times becau
:iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 3
This is to those
Who have hurt, teased, and pushed me around
Over the years
You might not remember
But I do
Your actions, your words
They cut deep
For years I let them get to me
For years I let myself hate you for it
But now
I just want to say
Regardless of whether or not you're sorry
I forgive you
I am letting go of the grudges
I hold
Letting go of the words, the stinging
Because I am strong
Because I know, that you aren't that person
That when it comes down to it
Never meant for it to last this long
That you, like me, aren't perfect
And that you aren't as hateful as I made you out to be
And for that
I have one thing to say
:iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 0 1
Smile C: by SaveKenny Smile C: :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 25 7 I Like Navi by SaveKenny I Like Navi :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 19 7
Never Coming
I can't come out
Nope, no way no how
Do you know what it'd do to me?
I'd be the most hated person… ever
My friends call him names
No doubt they'd call me those same names too
Course I have though of just coming out anyways
I bring him up hoping that maybe they won't say anything
Then of course someone cracks a joke
I laugh along just to fit in, just so I won't accidentally out myself
I crack a few jokes myself
I never mean them
And it always hurts when I tell them
I wish it were easy
I wish I could just come out and say "Hey, this is me"
And I wish they would just accept it
But they won't
They'll just stare and call me a freak
Call me no better then the rest of them
So for now I'll just keep it to myself
Now and forever
I will always stay a closeted…..
Karofsky fan
:iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 2 3
Megadeth? by SaveKenny Megadeth? :iconsavekenny:SaveKenny 1 7

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[01] Seblaine
[02] Blam
[03] Kurtofsky
[04] St. Berry
[05] Sambastian
[06] Tike

[07] Brittana
[08] Brochel
[09] Tartie

[10] Kurtbastian
[11] Blainofsky
[12] Finchel

[13] Klaine
[14] Quintana
[15] Rydique

[01] Why do you dislike #11 (Blainofsky) so much?
Ew their personalities clash

[02] Who do you know that ships #13 (Klaine)?
A large portion of the Glee fandom.

[03] What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3 (Kurtofsky)?

[04] What is your favourite moment for #1 (Seblaine)?
Every moment Sebastian is looking at or thinking about Blaine, which is always. wowow that boy has heart eyes.

[05] How long have you been following couple #6 (Tike).
Since season 2

[06] What's the story with #8 (Brochel)? What made you stop caring?
Brody is a douche <333

[07] Which ship do you prefer - #2 (Blam) or #4 (St. Berry)?
Blam <3333

[08] You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 (Kurtbastian) or #12 (Finchel)
Kurtbastian, but shhhh dont tell Carmen I said that.

[09] What interests you about #14 (Quintana)?
I get a sick satisfaction out of seeing Faberry and Brittana shippers squirm. Plus they gun fuck so BONUS

[10] When did you stop liking #7 (Brittana)
THe shippers.

[11] Did your waning interest in #9 (Tartie) kill your interest in the series?

[12] What's a song that reminds you of #5 (Sambastian)?
Hot in Here

[13] Which of these ships do you love the most right now?
Seblaine <3333

[14] Which do you dislike the most?
Brittana  >(((

[15] If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would they be?


[16] Have #2 (Blam) kissed yet? Elaborate if yes.


[17] Did #4 (St. Berry) have a happy ending? Do you think one is likely?
No. I mean they're civil. But we havent seen Jesse all season and Finchel is endgame so.

[18] What would make you start shipping #15 (Rydique)?
I kinda do, but canon would be nice.

[19] If only one could happen, which would you prefer--#2(Blam) or #6(Tike)
Tike, at least Blaine can be with Sebastian that way <333

[20] You have the power to decide the fate of #10. (Kurtbastian). What happens to them?
They hate each others guts in canon, the fact that i can revel in that is perfect.


Mrs. Grant Gustin
United States
I am 21.

I like Glee

I ship Kurtofsky and Seblaine. T

Thats all you need to know.



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